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are specialists when it comes to the topic of "IPL". IPL stands for "Intense Pulsed Light". This technology is a further development of conventional laser technology for a gentler cosmetic treatment of various skin problems (tightening up skin and tissue, removal of age spots, spider veins, etc.) and for permanent depilation. Thanks to our many years of experience in this field, we successfully treat our clients ourselves, though we also sell the IPL devices that have been specially developed and built for us to people who want to set up their own salon or expand their existing business, e.g. in the cosmetics sector.

There has been a changing of the guard in IPL technology. We are currently working with the latest devices in this sector, the "Quad" generation, under the heading "SHR" (Super Hair Removal). These devices provide up to 10 light pulses per second and thus allow faster work, better results and absolutely no pain for the clients.

Customer service

We don't lose sight of our customers after the transaction. They receive regular information about technical innovations as well as recent know-how and experience from the treatment sector.

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Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction takes top priority for us. This begins with application-oriented specialist advice on the purchase of the right device on the best possible terms, and continues with prompt the delivery, installation and start-up of the purchased device.

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IPL VENUS is an owner-managed company and still very new to the market. Nevertheless, everyone involved has many years of experience in the field of IPL devices and IPL treatment.

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